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PlyPADrban anctuary

Project Type: Shelter Housing

Location: Portland, OR

Year: 2018

The PlyPAD is a high quality shelter at a low cost. It was designed to address the unique needs of Portland's houseless community. The structure is a CNC cut kit-of-parts that can be assembled by inexperienced builders. A series of of 'programmatic modules' (bed, shelving, desk, porch, benches), it can be reconfigured or added to to meet user preferences. These are pre-assembled and shipped onsite independently, combining the simplicity of prefabrication with ease of transport. Built-in furniture and an all-wood interior create a sense of warmth and security beyond standard shelter conditions. Winner of an public competition, the project was displayed at the Portland Art Museum as part of the exhibit "John Yeon: A Quest for Beauty" and is currently occupied in Kenton Women's village by a formerly houseless individual.

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