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A Bootstrap Language:

CNC Plywood Shelters and the Urban Housing Crisis

This paper presents CNC shelter architecture as a pattern-language response to the contemporary urban housing crisis. Among a range of innovative architectural responses to houselessness, CNC kits-of-parts offer ease of construction along with durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Published in PUARL 10 Year Proceedings   


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The Malleable Bust:

Three Dimensional Portraiture in a Digital Age

Crafstmanship means not only control of a material, but also responsiveness to its quirks. The grain of wood or veins in stone add richness to art. This project asks: what are the idiosyncracies of digtial materials as a new design medium? 

Published in Engaging Media: NCBDS 31   


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Measuring the Endless House:

An Explication of Frederick Kiesler's Utopian Tectonics ​Ex

Frederick Kiesler - Austrian immigrant and head of Columbia University's Architectural Research division - sought to design a house that would  bring occupants closer to nature and to their primal selves. This paper studies Kiesler's approach to natural lighting, primitive forms and advanced structural technology.

Winner of Cornell University's Outstanding Thesis Award

PDF (best viewed in acrobat reader)


Digital Metropolis:

The Implications of Information Densification for Spatial Society

How can architecture mediate the interaction between humans and screens, and accomodate the human body in an increasingly digital world? This paper examines several key precedents and speculates on the emergence of new architectural typologies.

Published in Mediacity 2010


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